The benefits of Digital-Textile-Maker DTM electronic knitting controller:

• Quick layout change (no wasting time of mechanical chain assembly or other old control methods)                   

• Large layout capacity       

• Variable servomotor speed control (real-time automatic acceleration)

• Loops for intricate patterns (easy way to make large patterns which contains repeated sections) 

• Easy layout load using a Windows computer

Starter kit include 1xDTM electronic knitting controller,optical encoder system,DTM bluetooth/memory device,external keypad.(If you need servo motors,bar motion guides or other equipment please contact us).Price including worldwide free shipping $1,649 *Full refund warranty for returns within 2 months from the day of receipt(*the customer is charged with the shipping costs only)

30% refund(Starter kit $1,149)for uploading a video of your upgraded knitting machine on Youtube*     



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